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waterjet cutting


California Lasers is not your average waterjet cutting vendor. We pride ourselves in doing the difficult. We offer our customers extremely high tolerances and zero taper cutting. And by utilizing our sophisticated nesting software your material will yield the maximum part count out of each sheet of material.

The abrasive-waterjet can cut virtually any material especially metals, composites, glass, wood, and stone. Our waterjet cutting capabilities can benefit engineers, designers, architects, inventors and artists alike. Whether simple or sophisticated, our computer controlled waterjet cutting will produce precise and attractive results.


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The waterjet utilizes ultrahigh-pressure water, typically 60kpsi, forced through a tiny orifice. This high-pressure focused beam of water is combined with an abrasive material, usually garnet, to create a highly effective cutting tool. The waterjet is fitted with a computer controlled motion system to create 2D shapes from CAD software.

Advantages of Waterjet cutting:

No physical contact                                                          Thickest of material

No heat input                                                                     Lamination stacks

High tolerance capabilities                                             Virtually no burr

No cutting force                                                                 Oxygen free cut edges

Ability to cut thicker materials than laser                      Low or No distortion in parts

Repeatability                                                                      High throughput

Multi-head cutting capability                                           High yield nesting


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