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California Lasers has contributed to the many leading advances in laser drilling. With our proprietary processes coupled with our superior technology, we are able to drill holes faster and smaller than ever before. We have reached speeds of over 1000 holes per second with hole sizes as small as 11 microns.

Laser drilling is used when conventional drilling becomes impractical. Hole sizes become so small that mechanical drill bits break or wear out quickly or the number of holes required exceeds several thousand. At California Lasers we can achieve aspect ratios greater than 100:1 in even the hardest of materials.

Advantages of Laser Drilling:

      No physical contact

      High speed

      High aspect ratios

      Low heat input

      Computer controlled accuracy

      Programmable hole sizes

      Multi-axis perforations

      Remote processing

Laser drilling is the chosen process for filters, bleed-off valves, and calibrated flow orifices. Most materials are candidates for laser perforation, from metals to plastics. In space, fuel filters can have in excess of 50,000 identical holes.



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