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hermetic sealing


California Lasers specializes in sealing hermetic packages. Whether stainless steel, titanium, kovar, aluminum or any of the other exotic alloys, California lasers has your solution.

With hermetic sealing, it is extremely important to have proper weld configuration and material selection to optimize the final results and yields. It’s also extremely important to be able to test in real time, the final product. California Lasers utilizes mass spectrometer helium leak testing to ensure our high quality results.

With our comprehensive engineering support package we will get you to the results you require. California Lasers has developed application guidelines for hermetic packages that include, joint design, materials and an alloy selection list for laser and electron beam fusion welding.

How Does It Works

Hermetic sealing is the process of making your device leak tight through fusion welding. The process uses high-energy laser or electron beam to raise the temperature of the material you are processing to the point it becomes molten and in a liquid state. This molten material now alloys together then rapidly cools to create the weld. Our five-axis CNC machine controls our part motion as well as our laser process parameters.

Advantages of California Laser Hermetic Sealing:

      Low heat input

      Repeatable results

      Low leak rates

      High yields

Device examples:

      Implantable devices, such as pacemakers


      Electronic packages for space applications

  hermetic Sealing  


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