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beam welding


Electron Beam Welding (EBW) is a fusion joining process that produces a weld by impinging a beam of high energy electrons to heat the weld joint. Raising electrons to a high energy state by accelerating them to nearly half the speed of light provides the energy to heat the weld. The electron beam is always generated in a vacuum. This high vacuum welding provides maximum purity and high depth to width welds.

Advantages of Electron Beam Welding:

      No physical contact

      Deep penetration welds

      Weld contamination eliminated in a vacuum

      Hermetic seals of components retaining a vacuum

      Possible dissimilar metal welding

Weld ratios can be as high as 20-to-1 (depth to width) as compared to other joining processes. Because the electron gun is located some distance from the work surface, the beam can be directed into restricted, normally inaccessible cavities where conventional welding processes are severely limited.


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